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About Apex Brass

Apex Brass - About Us

Apex Brass started in the summer of 2007 with the purchase of a small amount of military surplus 50 BMG brass. We were itching to start a business and follow our dreams. However, we wanted to test the waters to see if there is a market for once fired/processed brass.

Fate smiled on us. The first batch of brass sold in a relatively short amount of time. With the initial success and small profit, we bought more brass in the fall of 2007.

Our second purchase of once fired brass was close to seven tons in three different calibers! Since this large purchase, we have bought and sold many more tons of brass.

At first, we bought and sold only once fired brass. Many of our customers asked us if we sold processed brass. We listened to our customers and in 2008 started selling fully processed brass.

Initially, we sold only 223 Remington/5.56x45 mm fully processed brass. We then added 308 Winchester/7.62x51mm fully processed brass. As our business continues to expand, we will process more and different types of brass.

Our motto is:

"We eat our own dog food!"

Our motto comes from the computer software industry. Basically, this phrase means that we not only produce the product but we also use it. One of the founders of Apex Brass is an avid high power shooter, shooting CMP Leg matches. He is trying to earn the allusive “Distinguished Rifleman” badge. Hopefully, this year he will earn his well earned badge! During a regular season, he shoots hundreds of round of ammunition loaded in brass supplied by Apex Brass. He needs ammunition that is accurate and at the same time reliable. Most weeks he takes a batch of 223 fully processed brass, loads it without any additional case preparation and provides us feedback on the brass. We want to process brass that our customers like so one of the founders uses our brass to compete in and win competitions!

Industrial scale brass processing has been a learning experience. We have learned our lessons and apply them each day processing brass. We try to make the finest processed brass at a price that is reasonable.

Once again, we have listened to our customers and have expanded our line of products. Now, we not only sell once fired brass, processed brass but we also sell factory fresh brass from some of the leading component makers in the industry.

One adage stays true: Things Change. As our business grows we will listen to our customers and expand our product line to meet their needs. Currently, we are looking at several new products and exploring our next step.

If you have bought from us in the past, we would like to thank you for buying from us. Hopefully, you found the products we sell value priced and good quality wise.

If you have not bought from us yet, please consider us as a trusted partner. We stand behind our product at the time of the sale and afterward. You will not be disappointed. If you search and do not find what you are looking for on our website, please send us a note – we do listen.

Thank you for coming to this website to view our products and hopefully enjoy them as much as we like selling them. God Bless!

Apex Brass